T-Juice Concentrates 30ml

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T-Juice Concentrate 30ml Bottle

Black n Blue

A devilish mix of blueberries and grapes, is hosted by, a full on aniseed candy kick, underlined by a refreshing menthol exhale.


Clara T is the newest addition to the T-Juice range and there is no doubt that Red Astaire has met his match. Clara-T has a more subtle aniseed lick, and a tad more freshness, which will excite your taste buds and make your atty buzz.

Forest Affair

A marriage of over ten different flavours which come together to make a very complex fruit vape.

Green Kelly

Mr Kelly is a fresh summer lemonade, mixed with ripe raspberries and a juicy citrus twist. A hint of sparkling soda makes this a vape to remember.

Red Astaire

The lush taste of red berries and black grape is stampeded by verbose overtones of sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol in a flavour that will stay dancing on your tongue for a long time after you have exhaled.


Strawberries with a hint of cream and a subtle high note of raspberries make this a great fruit vape.