V4 Vapour 50ml Short Fill

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The flavours we have available: 


Strawberry Fizzy Laces - Sweet and Fizzy strawberry mix with a candy taste.


Sour Tutti Frutti - Candied Fruits with a sour edge.


Lemon Sherbet - Tangy Lemon Sherbet but also sweet.


Blue Raspberry - Sweet candied blue raspberry taste.



Each bottle comes with a free nicotine shot. Just choose your strength when ordering. 


Nic Shot Instructions

This is a short fill bottle with 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml bottle, the extra 10ml of space is to allow 1 x Nicotine shot to be added.

Add 1 x 20mg nic shot for 60ml of e-liquid @ 3.3mg Nicotine 

Add 1 x 18mg nic shot for 60ml of e-liquid @3mg Nicotine

Add 1 x 9mg nic shot for 60ml of e-liquid @1.5mg Nicotine


All of the flavours are Max VG, High VG of 70%